Medicine and Public Health (MPH)

MPH I: Issues in Modern Day Medicine

MPH III: Quality of Care in Health Sciences

MPH II: Accessibility of Health Care

MPH IV: The Roles of Epidemiology in Medicine

The goal of this course is to provide students with an introduction to current challenges in the medical field, mental health field, and in health sciences.

This course provides students with an in-depth knowledge about the problems with our medical field in terms of individuals accessing the medical care that they need. Topics discussed include geographic access to medicine, financial barriers to medicine, etc.

MPH V: The Impact of Food on Health

Teaches students about how food and society's modification of food impacts our view on health and well-being.

This course examines factors that affect what makes medical care "effective" verses less effective from the point of view of the patient.

MPH VI: Reliance on Medications in Medicine

MPH VII: Issues in Emergency Medicine

The course explores in-depth issues in emergency response medicine. Issues range from children health, issues in elderly medicine, handling emergency-response situations and more.

MPH VIII: Becoming Competitive for Medical Sciences

Students go in-depth into the process of being ready for applying to medical school and how to become the most competitive and ultimately, the best doctor (or health professional) one can be.

Explores the use of Epidemiology--the area of medicine and public health that looks at patterns of health--and how its use in medicine has progressed the

The course explores the use of Medicines in the US and how our reliance on medication impacts both our short term and long term health and well-being.

Additional Requirements

Student Research Projects

Student projects continually set our students apart from others across the nation. These ongoing projects are critical in order for students to be ready to apply and be competitive for top universities come 11th Grade.

  • Required to develop and complete 1 research project per school year.


Conference Presentations

  • Must present each project at one of the following University of Minnesota Conference:

    • Fall Research Showcase

    • Spring Fling Event

    • Summer Summit

  • Additional Option: Students are encouraged to submit their projects for presentations at other professional conferences around the nation. Presentations given at other national conferences will further improve students' chances of being admitted to Ivy League Universities (e.g. Harvard, Yale, Stanford, etc.)

Publishing Student Research

  • Students are required to turn their projects into written research reports and submit them for publication in our Junior Scholars Research Journal

  • Student submissions will be reviewed by faculty from around the nation

For More Information on Pre-Med Requirements:

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