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WHO:  Academically strong Middle School or High School students seeking to be competitive for top universities or graduate school in future

WHAT: Students become young experts in their future field by working with college professors on both advanced learning and on college-level research projects.

HOW: The Program simulates a PhD program meaning: 

  • Develop research studies and present at Academic Conferences

  • Publishes their research in scientific journals

  • Assistance with ACT Preparation

WHO:  Students 5th - 8th Grade Wanting to be Admitted into Go Beyond! Program In The Future

WHAT: Studies advanced levels of Writing, Comprehension and Mathematics

HOW: Students meet twice weekly in small groups. Homework is typically given. Assessments are given twice monthly to ensure student growth.

WHO: Open to Grades K - 12

WHAT: Covers any subject area taught in school.

HOW: Students work in small groups on subjects areas they are struggling in. Homework help is provided for all subject areas, when requested.

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