Go Beyond! Middle School

Sessions 2x Week

Complete Writing Courses

  • Writing I: Perfecting the Paragraph

  • Writing II: One-Page Wonders

  • Writing III: Two (Pages) And Beyond!

  • Writing IV: Five Paragraph Essays

  • Writing V: College Writing

Students complete writing (and math--see below) courses before being admitted into our Go Beyond Program. Students develop stamina AND advanced knowledge about writing.

1.5 Hrs per Session

Complete Math Courses

  • Math I: Applications of Fractions, Decimals and Percents

  • Math II: Algebra I

  • Math III: Uses of Linear Geometry

  • Math IV: Intermediate Geometry

  • Math V: Algebra II

  • Math VI: Applications of Statistics

  • Math VII: Intro to Pre-Calculus

Our priority is on application of knowledge. Students are expected to complete our mathematics courses that are designed to teach students how to use them in their daily lives and careers.

How Do We Work?

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