The Uniqueness of ABAC

Academic Counseling is the bridge between the knowledge and skills students learn in school and the real-world application of that knowledge and skill.


Our goal is to strengthen the academic performance of our students and to teach them how to use the knowledge they have gained to solve real-world problems and to do that instinctively.


Through academic counseling: 


  • Students develop strong academic fundamentals that it help them:


  • Identify and demonstrate an understanding of academic concepts

  • Grasping how academic concepts work


  • Students learn to apply academic knowledge to real-world problems:


  • learning about their needs and needs of their communities,

  • finding actionable solutions, and

  • understanding that application effectiveness grows as they learn


  • Creating the Habit of Knowledge Application


  • Academic counseling reveals the importance of continuous learning and shows students that everything they know is useful for solving real-world problems. 

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